Recycling has now been deemed important to reduce the plastic waste we produce in our environment. This is in response to the current global warming that we are experiencing due to the human activities for the past decades since the industrial revolution began and the machinery started to work emitting tons and tons of carbon dioxide.

Here, we present to you tips and ways on how to recycle bottles for your garden and home decoration.

Plastic Bottles for Decoration

There are two different plastic bottles that you may encounter and recycle: the first type is the think PET bottles that are used for water and soda, and the second type is the think HDPE bottles, which are used for juice containers. Also, we can add those plastics used for liquid soap and other chemicals we use at home. All of these bottles are effective and aesthetic to use as a home decoration especially when they have an assorted of colors that make them attractive when used and recycles.

Recycling your plastic at home is perfect to make an eco-friendly landscape of garden in your property. In fact, their use is so popular that people use them to build houses, walls, fences, boats, and vertical gardens.

Pro Tip:

You can also recycle some cut branches and bark from the trees you have cut through tree removal Miami, and recycle them for different DYI projects.

How to Recycle Plastic Bottles for Outdoor Home Decorating and Garden Design

There are many ways on how to recycle your plastic bottles in a way that could benefit your garden and lawn. Bird feeders are a great way to provide a little bit of color and good decorations to your plants or trees that may seem boring when being looked from afar. Also, you can have some hanging containers as your garden design; this is also another shot that you need to try. The hanging containers will serve as colorful containers for your plants. You can decorate and hang them on trees, fences, and railings. When you strategically put them on different spaces on your lawn or garden, you will see that they will make those spaces attractive and your whole garden as attention-worthy.

Another way to recycle your plastic bottles is by molding them into animals, wind chimes, and other small art projects that do not just decorate your garden but can also be used as interior decoration. You can also make some odd crafts with your plastic bottles that can add designs to your balcony and porch. These areas are very exposed to sunlight that the sun can effectively reflect its light to the bottles’ colors making the place almost magical.

Teaching your kids to recycle

What is good about creating these designs and projects is that you will get some time to bond with your kids, teach them something meaningful and economical, and at the same time, help the environment. This is also a good and informative way to have a physical activity outside the house too.

Final thoughts

There is no way we can undo what we did, and reverse back the time. So, what we can effectively do now is to minimize our damage and recycle some plastics in the house. At the end of the way, it’s us who benefit from this.