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    Vestfold University College - ISEP Exchange only  
    (Exchange Program)
    Vestfold, Norway
    Program Terms: ISEP Academic Year,
    ISEP Fall,
    ISEP Full Year,
    ISEP Spring
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    Fact Sheet:
     Subject: Computer Science, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Engineering-Electrical, Engineering-Electronic, Health Science, History, Nursing, Science, Sociology  Languages of Instruction: English, Norwegian
     Eligibility: Graduate, Undergraduate  Terms: Academic Year, Full Year, Semester 1, Semester 2
    Click here for a definition of this term ISEP Program: Yes  ISEP Enrollment type: Exchange
     Minimum GPA: 2.75
    Program Description:
    Vestfold County is the smallest county in area in Norway with its 2 215 Square kilometres. There are seven towns, all located by the coastal line, and a total of 226,000 inhabitants.

    Vestfold County is a popular tourist destination, especially in the summer months. There are over one hundred beaches and beautiful skerries which makes swimming and boating excursions popular activities. If fishing is a favourite activity the river ?L?gen? offers possibilities for fishing salmon, otherwise the local lakes or the sea is full of tasteful seafood. During winter there are great opportunities to go skiing, either cross country or down hill.

    The Viking traditions are still alive in Vestfold today, and almost every month there are new archaeological findings in the County. Well known archaeological finding in this part of Norway is for example Oseberg and Gokstad Royal mound. Norway has a well developed public transportation system. You can easily take a bus or train to your chosen destination. 

    The closest towns to Campus, T?nsberg and Horten, have both many caf?s and restaurants, as well as bars and discos if you like to go out to have a good time. If you prefer going to the movies or museums you also find a large variety. The University College is situated one hour south from Norway?s capitol, Oslo.

    NOTE: Sandefjord Airport Torp situated in Vestfold county offers many cheap flights to all the major cities in Europe. Why not explore Europe in weekends and holidays when you are staying with us? See http://www.torp.no

    Informative links 

    Traveling in Vestfold:

    Academic year or semester exchanges

     ISEP-Exchange for US students. 

    ISEP-Exchange chance of placement for US students is generally Very Good.
    For the most current chances of placement, see the Sites Open for Applications for US Students

    Semester 1 (Fall): mid-August to mid-December. Semester 2 (Spring): early January to mid-June.

    Vestfold, Norway (pop. 227,798) 
    Student Enrollment: 4,200
    Language of instruction: English, Norwegian
    Programs and Courses Offered in English

    Faculty of Health and Science:? Bachelors in Nursing
    Post-Bachelor (Advanced) programs: Mental Health*, Gerontology, Supervision and Coaching, Rehabilitation and Recovery, Health Education
    Advanced studies requiring a Bachelor?s degree in Nursing: Midwifery, Oncology Nursing, Anaesthesia Nursing, Intensive Care Nursing, Perioperative Nursing

    Faculty of Education and Humanities: Teacher Training (4 years), Bachelors in Early Childhood Training*, and in Lingual- and Cultural Subjects

    Faculty of Technology and Maritime Science: Bachelors in Electronics, Electrical and Automation Engineering, Product Design, Computer Science and Microsystems Technology* (engineering degrees). Bachelors in Marine Engineering, Nautical Science, and Shipping and Logistics

    Faculty of Economics and Social Science: Bachelors in Information Systems, Sociology, History, Business Administration



    All faculties are open to exchange students and will tailor programs to students? needs if they are particularly interested in some programs not taught in English. Check here for available courses taught in English. NOTE: 30 ECTS = Full-time, semester-long course. 

    A Norwegian Cultural Journey (30 ECTS) Fall semester, Bachelor level 
    The target group: bachelor students who study teacher training, cultural studies or humanities such as history, art history, social science, languages and philological sciences, media and communication

    Outdoor Education and Experiental Learning (30 ECTS) Spring semester, Bachelor level.
    The target group: Pre-school teacher students, teacher students, other students with interest for Norwegian culture and nature and experience based learning 

    Norwegian as a Foreign Language (10 ECTS). Fall semester (maybe also Spring), beginning level. 
    The Nordic Model (30 ECTS). Spring semester, Bachelor level. The target group: Bachelor students who study Business administration, political science, Economics, Sociology. This course comprises of a compulsory module "Comprehensive Norway" (10 ECTS) and two of the following electives:

    International Major Project (20 ECTS), Fall and Spring, Bachelor level.
    The Faculty of Science and Engineering can give supervision/guidance to execute a final project within the following areas of study: Electronics, Product Design, Microsystems Technology, Computer Science, Electronics and Automation.
    Target Group: Bachelor students in the following areas of study: Electronics, Product Design, Microsystems Technology, Computer Science, Electronics and Automation

    Master in Microsystems Technology (Offered in English, international students may apply for modules in this master program)

    Health in Nordic Countries (15 ECTS)
    The overall course objective is to allow nursing students to explore and gain insight into factors that enhance health promotion and the prevention of illness.

    Clinical Practice (15 ECTS), Fall and Spring, Bachelor level
    The Nursing Program can also offer clinical practice in several areas for international students. Depending upon the degree components required by different universities, we can compose a clinical practice in one or several areas (surgical wards, medical wards, home/community nursing, mental health). 

    For graduate level coursework, exchange students need to have completed a B.A. or B.S. degree.

    Master in Educational Texts
    Master in Non-fictional Writing
    Master in Kintergarten Development
    Master in Pedagogic
    Master in Microsystems Technology (Offered in English, international students may apply for modules in this master program)
    Master in Social Science
    Master in Public Health and Health Promotion

    Vestfold University College has had strong focus in research and development especially in the following areas: Microsystems Technology (MST), Health Promotion, Pedagogical texts and learning processes and Kindergarten Development. Norway is famous for its maritime industry - Vestfold University College houses the largest, oldest and the most complete Maritime Faculty of its kind in Norway.

    Norwegian is the language of instruction but some courses are taught in English in all faculties. A beginning-level Norwegian language course is offered every semester.

    See: Programs and Courses Offered in English.
    Exchange students will live in housing facilities near the university campuses. Students will have their own room but will often share a kitchen, bathroom and a common area with other students. A meal stipend will be provided to cover groceries for cooking. For more information on student housing, see SIV/bolig

    A typical orientation day includes the following: Welcome by University College officials. Registering the students and getting their ID cards and access to computer facilities. Orientation about culture, academic culture and campus facilities. Instructions about the immigration procedures at the police station. Intruction about banks, grocery stores, bicycle rental and public transportation. Presentation of student activities available for international students. Presentation of the services available at the International Relations Office. Introduction to the student group in charge of international activities. The Orientation Day is offered only in the beginning of the Fall semester but all the above information is provided for the students coming for the Spring as well.

    The Student Society has different sports groups international students can participate in - from mountain climbing to dance. Vestfold has several golf courses, both 18 holes and 9 holes. There are many ski slopes in the district or perhaps you?d like to learn cross-country? The international students get many opportunities to enjoy snow and games at the cabin owned by The Student Welfare Organization. They own a sailboat you may rent as well. The International Relations Office is responsible for a wide range of social activities for international students. These activities include cabin trips, pizza nights, and sightseeing tours to Oslo and to the local towns. Many of these activities are sponsored by the University College.crack

    Vestfold University College is a medium-sized Norwegian university college with approximately 4200 students. It is small enough for your teacher to attend to your individual academic needs, and for you to be able to study in an intimate environment. However, the university college is large enough to offer wide variety of student activities. While not the largest of institutions we have a dedicated and highly professional staff and hard-working students. Our teachers and researchers provide the best possible conditions for your professional and personal development. The university college is located in modern buildings in beautiful surroundings in Vestfold County on the east coast of Norway - approximately one hour from Norway?s capitol, Oslo. The campus is located in Horten (Borre), just outside one of Vestfold?s seven towns. T?nsberg, a town close to the campus is Norway "s oldest town and famous for its Viking heritage. The Norwegians have good language skills especially in English making yours foreign experience with us easier than in many other European countries.crack



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