Though not everybody likes summer, it does mean more heat and longer days. That is why you probably want to get rid of the thick jacket that you use during winter. However, where should you store all your thick and bulky winter clothes? 

Keep in mind that not everyone has the space to store these things in their closet. That is why a lot of people choose to rent storage unit.  

However, it does not matter what you choose. There are still things you have to keep in mind when storing winter clothes. 

Whether you’re storing them in your closet or you plan to rent cheap storage units Barrie, here are some tips to consider: 

Rent a Climate-Controlled Unit 

Climate-controlled units are a huge benefit. They prevent your precious items, jewelry, and clothes from getting damaged by humidity or moisture. Thus, before you rent a unit to store your winter clothes, you’ve got to ensure it has a climate control feature so that your items are safe and protected.  

Label Bins Properly 

If you don’t use labels to organize your bins, you should think about it again. Labels are extremely crucial when it comes to organization. They’re easy to use. All you’ve got to do is to write the label of the item inside the bin. With this, you’ll find items much quicker. This is particularly true if you need them as soon as possible.  

Pick the Right Self-Storage 

Always pick storage in a clean and dry location. Make sure it is climate-controlled. You should avoid cardboard boxes when storing your winter clothes. The reason for this is that they can be prone to water and humidity. Therefore, they can damage your clothes. 

When storing your winter clothes, you can use plastic bins. With this, you can also see what you have stored inside. This makes the unpacking process a lot simpler.  

Utilize Garment Bags 

You can use garment bags if you want to protect your expensive clothes. They’re also ideal if you have dry-cleaned clothes. Garment bags can help maintain the items the way you left them. Place them on particular materials such as fur jackets and leather for additional protection. 

Neatly Fold Items 

When storing clothes, you’re probably wondering if you should hang or fold them. Keep in mind that either method has benefits and drawbacks. This depends on your storage space.  

However, you need to fold your clothes if you want to keep them from stretching. Particular items can lose their shape if you hang them for a long period. Thus, you should neatly fold your clothes before you place them inside your storage unit.  

Fix and Repair Damages 

This will also be an ideal time to fix any rips or holes in your winter clothing. Once you take them out, you want your clothes to be pristine and fresh. Thus, you should spend a bit of your time fixing damaged items before you store them in your storage unit. However, you can also hire another person to do it for you.